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Our Latest NYC Time-Lapse

Yesterday we filmed this time-lapse of the NYC skyline. Almost all of our productions include a time-lapse. It is one of the types of shots that is standard in a professional production. There is some luck to be had with the clouds for a successful time-lapse. The rest, however, is plenty of planning, time, and creativity.

A proper location and focal length provides for the desired composition in the frame. Depending on the look and feel that is desired appropriate depth of field, exposure time, and total duration are chosen. Finally, after shooting all images, they must be combined and processed into a video where the final touches are made. As you can see in these two sample time-lapses, the look and feel can drastically change depending on the desired final result.

We are regularly producing time-lapses like these. As the details of each scouted location are learned, such as the lighting changes through the day, new creative ideas result and new time-lapses are produced.

We reccomend watching in full screen mode and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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